Graphite Electrodes Market outlook forecast


Graphitization of graphite electrodes is a big power consumer, mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Henan and other regions. Before the chinese festival, it mainly affects Inner Mongolia and some parts of Henan. After the festival, Shanxi and other regions are beginning to be affected. At the same time, environmental protection efforts in Hebei have been upgraded, and many processing plants have shut down operations. Affected by this, the cost of graphitization processing has also risen from 4200 yuan/ton in early September to 4500 yuan/ton.

Current status of graphite electrode market:

Due to the continuous increase in raw material prices and the long production cycle of graphite electrodes, manufacturers have increased the risk of obtaining goods. At present, mmost graphite electrode manufacturers still have low-cost products before, so they are beginning to reluctantly sell them. Some traders heard the news in the early stage, and they have already stockpiled. Graphite electrode machine processing plants in some regions also purchase large quantities of rough products to stock up.

Market outlook forecast:

The situation of near-term electricity should continue, raw material prices will also remain high, and graphite electrodes still have room to rise in the future.

Post time: Nov-22-2021