Graphite Electrodes price on 2021-11-22


The market price of graphite electrodes remains stable on 22nd Nov.2021. The downstream electric furnace steel plants of graphite electrodes are under-operated, basically remaining at about 56%. The purchase of graphite electrodes is mainly in need of replenishment, and the demand for graphite electrodes is insufficient. However, the graphite electrode market is tightly supplied. Graphite electrode companies have no shipment or inventory pressure. The quotations of companies are relatively strong. There are still positive stimuli in the graphite electrode market.
As of today, the mainstream prices of graphite electrodes: ordinary power 1,6000-18,000 yuan/ton; high-power 19,000-22,000 yuan/ton; ultra-high-power 21,500-27,000 yuan/ton.
At present, the graphite electrode market is showing a weak situation between supply and demand. Graphite electrode companies are quoting relatively firm under cost pressures such as rising electricity prices and high raw material prices. Therefore, on the whole, it is expected that the overall stable price operation of the graphite electrode market in the short-term will be the mainstay.

Post time: Nov-20-2021