What is graphite EPS board? What are the performance advantages of graphite EPS insulation board?

Graphite EPS insulation board is the latest generation of insulation material based on traditional EPS and further refined through chemical methods. The graphite EPS insulation board can reflect and absorb infrared rays due to the addition of special graphite particles, so that its thermal insulation performance is at least 30% higher than that of traditional EPS, the thermal conductivity can reach 0.032, and the combustion performance level can reach B1. Compared with traditional EPS, graphite EPS insulation board has stronger thermal insulation performance and fire resistance performance, and it is popular with people.

Performance advantages of graphite EPS insulation board:
High performance: Compared with ordinary EPS board, the insulation performance is improved by more than 20%, and the amount of board consumption is reduced by >20% year-on-year, but it achieves the same insulation effect;
Versatility: For buildings that require the thickness of thermal insulation materials, thinner thermal insulation boards can be used to achieve better thermal insulation and thermal insulation effects, and energy consumption can be greatly reduced;
Quality: anti-aging, anti-corrosion, size cabin, low water absorption, large safety factor;
Treatment: It can be laid quickly under any climatic conditions, easy to cut and grind, and will not generate dust or irritate the skin during the treatment;
Sound insulation: In addition to energy saving, graphite EPS insulation board can also improve the sound insulation effect of the building.

Post time: Nov-22-2021