High Purity Graphite Without Halogen & Heavy metal Free

  • SUNGRAF High purity graphite can be Halogen-Free and free of heavy metal
  • Fixed carbon:99-99.98%,Partical size:560um-3um
  • Save the costs under marketing SUNGRAF own products
  • It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, self-lubricating, and small resistivity.

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High purity graphite is made from reaction of flake graphite adding various kinds of acids. Acid removes the impurities inside flake graphite, then improve the graphite’s purity up to 99-99.98%.


1) Perfect crystallization,thin flake,good flexibility,
2)Excellent chemical and physical properties
3)Superior conductivity&self-lubricity
4)Resistance to temperature,corrosion and hot shock

High Purity Graphite with Halogen & Heavy metal Free (4)


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    Crystalline flake graphite is widely used as an essential nonmetalic mineral in almost all industries.
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    It can be used as high-quality refractory material or coatings in metallurgical industry.
  • 03
    Black lead in light industry
  • 04
    Carbon brush in electronics industry.
  • 05
    Electrode in battery industry
  • 06
    Catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry.
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    Being deep processed,crystalline flake graphite can be expandable graphite and many other high-tech products.

Normal specifications as follows:

Name Fixed carbon

Partical Size



Screen in Mesh Screen Oversize Screen


+3299.9 99%-99.98% +32 mesh ≥80%   ≤0.5%
+599.9 +50 mesh
+899.9 +80 mesh
+199.9 +100mesh
-199.9 -100mesh   ≥80%
-299.9 -200mesh
-399.9 -325mesh
S-0 -3000Mesh

Order & Shipping

● Lead time: 15 days
● Packaging Details: seaworty packing according to customer’s demand
● Delivery Port:Qingdao,China

Package Included

● 5kgs-25kgs Paper Plastic Bag
● 100kgs-1000kgs bag
● 5-20kgs drum

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    As an important non-metallic mineral, crystalline flake graphite is widely used in almost all industries. His application industry is common in our daily life
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