Natural Flake Graphite market

1、 Review on the market status of natural flake graphite

Supply side:

In Northeast of China, according to the practice of previous years, Jixi and Luobei in Heilongjiang Province were in seasonal shutdown from the end of November to the beginning of April. According to Baichuan Yingfu, Luobei area of Heilongjiang Province is in the stage of shutdown and rectification due to the impact of environmental protection inspection at the end of 2021. If the environmental protection rectification progresses smoothly, Luobei area is expected to resume production around April as scheduled. In Jixi area, most enterprises are still in the shutdown stage, but some enterprises reserve inventory in the early stage and have a small amount of inventory for export. Among them, only a few enterprises maintained normal production and did not stop production. After March, some enterprises have started equipment maintenance. On the whole, it is expected to start construction or gradually increase in Northeast China at the end of March.
In Shandong, the epidemic broke out suddenly in Qingdao, Shandong. Among them, Laixi City has a serious epidemic and has been closed. As flake graphite production enterprises are mostly concentrated in Laixi City and Pingdu City. According to Baichuan Yingfu, at present, Laixi City is closed due to the epidemic, the flake graphite production enterprises have been shut down, the logistics transportation is blocked and the order is delayed. Pingdu City has not been affected by the epidemic, and the production of flake graphite enterprises in the city is relatively normal.

Demand side:
The production capacity of the downstream negative electrode material market was gradually released, which was good for the demand for flake graphite. Enterprises generally reflected that the order was stable and the demand was good. In the refractory market, some areas in the early stage were affected by the Winter Olympic Games, and the commencement was limited, which restrained the purchase demand for flake graphite. Flake graphite enterprises often execute contract orders. In March, with the end of the Winter Olympic Games, the market demand for refractories has warmed up and the inquiry order has increased.

2、 Market price analysis of natural flake graphite

On the whole, the market quotation of flake graphite is different and slightly chaotic. Due to the tight supply of flake graphite, the price is at a high level, and the enterprise quotation is on the high side, so there is room for actual transaction. Among them, the high price resource quotation of – 195 and other models of flake graphite for negative electrode materials has reached above 6000 yuan / ton. As of March 11, the quotation of mainstream enterprises of natural flake graphite in Northeast China: – 190 price 3800-4000 yuan / ton- 194 price: 5200-6000 yuan / ton- 195 price: 5200-6000 yuan / ton. Quotation of mainstream enterprises of natural flake graphite in Shandong: – 190 price 3800-4000 yuan / ton- 194 price: 5000-5500 yuan / ton- 195 price 5500-6200 yuan / ton.

3、 Future forecast of natural flake graphite Market

On the whole, the supply of flake graphite market is tightening, which supports the high price of flake graphite. With the resumption of production in Northeast China and the control of the epidemic in Shandong, the supply of flake graphite will be significantly improved. The market demand for negative electrode materials and refractories in the downstream is good, especially the continuous release of production capacity in the negative electrode material market is good for the demand for flake graphite. The price of flake graphite is expected to rise by 200 yuan / ton.

Post time: Mar-14-2022