Synthetic Graphite as one ideal friction materials

  • Synthetic Graphite includes Graphite electrodes Scraps
  • The size can be adjust to buyer’s demand
  • High purity and low S & N
  • In Steel-melting industry,Friction materials

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Artificial graphite powder (grain) is using high-quality low ashes raw materials for petroleum coke, the temperature more than 2,800°C vacuum heat-treatment graphitization made. This product has high and low hardness and carbon content, high temperature resistance, the thermal conductivity low characteristic. The products and traditional craft adopt after the natural graphite, calcining, compared the coke can obviously increase stable friction coefficient, bonding and maintaining smooth braking process, comfortable, reduce the dual surface damage and brake noise, wear small and cost saving; It is a ideal friction materials.


1)Low ash,low sulphur and low Nitrogen
2)Stable friction coefficient
3)Good lubricant

Synthetic Graphite as one ideal friction materials (3)


  • 01
    Foundry Industry
  • 02
    Steel-smelting industry
  • 03
    Friction materials
  • 04
    Lubriant industry

Normal specifications as follows

Index/NO. Purity Partical Size Real Density Moisture
(%) (%) (g/cc) (%)
Size in Grain 99% 1-5mm/2-4mm/5-10mm ≥2.2 ≤0.3
RZ-U1 ≥99 D80=75μm ≥1.8 ≤0.3
RZ-U2 ≥99.4


≥1.8 ≤0.3
RZ-U3 ≥99.4 D50=10-15μm ≥1.8 ≤0.3
RZ-U4 ≥99.4 D50=5μm ≥1.8 ≤0.3

Order & Shipping

● Lead time: 15 days

● Packaging Details: seaworty packing according to customers demand

● Delivery Port:Qingdao,China

Package Included 

● 25kgs Paper Plastic Bag

● 500kgs-1000kgs bag

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    As an important non-metallic mineral, crystalline flake graphite is widely used in almost all industries. His application industry is common in our daily life
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